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The most simple reversible figure
dual illusion, ambiguous figure or bistable figure)


The most simple dual illusion, simple (reversible figure,
ambiguous figure or bistable figure).


The comment


Mister Rakov,

Thanks for your mail. I appreciate your work and it's the reason why my answer is so late.
1. I put a link to your site in my "Webography"
2. Your reversible figure (parallelogram) seems unpublished. I send you in attachment file a classification of reversible figures. Yours is not far from the Mach figure.
3. I join in another attachment file the transformation of your" Ambiguous Parallelogram" in "Impossible Parallelogram" (actually two impossible versions). It's my theory : ambiguous and impossible are two contiguous territories. It's easy to pass from one to another one.
4. One of my favourite figures is the map of Berlin's tube or bus. From my point of view it's very funny!  But I have a very personal sense of humour.
5. But, your "Concord" is not my preferred figure. In my opinion, the elements are not recognizable without the text. Beyond three forms, it's too difficult to see them. You have another version of "My wife and my mother in law" with three personages.

Thanks again,

Michel Bellot



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Science & Life, , N9, 2005

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